We are the first registered “Over The Counter” (=OTC) and online multi-cryptocurrency exchange in Suriname.

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Exchange Fiat-currency to Cryptocurrency

We are the first registered “Over The Counter” (=OTC) and online multi-cryptocurrency  exchange in Suriname. Consider us as a hybrid of a traditional money exchange, combined with online banking, using sophisticated digital technology, called the Blockchain, as our infrastructure.

Weekly Cryptocurrency & Blockchain e-Trainings

We provide various weekly online classes about the many applications of Cryptocurrency in particular and the Blockchain Technology in general. The knowledge and insights shared through our e-Trainings are adjusted and adaptive to the Surinamese market, and are based on our experience as a key-player in the Surinamese- and international market. All participants receive an exclusive “certificate of participation” from our company, after successfully finishing the desired e-Training. Our e-Training courses are divided in a Basic, an Advanced and an Exclusive e-Training. Please contact us for the fees of the various e-Trainings.

Consultancy and Guidance

Together with our collaborating partners we can offer a wide range of specialized services in the Blockchain- and crypto-currency industry, tailored especially for the Surinamese market. Money transactions are there for an essential part of our business model. Our practical knowledge and expertise within the Blockchain industry, provided us the ability to execute transactions on the Blockchain, by using crypto-currency as an encrypted vehicle. We also act as an agent or representative for our customers to prepare and execute trades on the public blockchain. Furthermore, we offer guidance in helping our clients get started in cryptocurrency. This includes wallet setup, exchange support and an overview of security practices to keep your crypto-assets safe. With numerous options to consider, we offer guidance to help you use and maximize the possibilities of the Blockchain technology. Whether you want advice for an investment or want to understand the industry landscape, our team will make sure you are fully informed.

Exchange Cryptocurrency to Fiat-currency

Through our service, clients have the ability to CASH-OUT their desired crypto-currencies, which they have stored in their own online wallet, and are traded by our company into local fiat-currencies. The fiat-currencies we use for CASHING-OUT crypto-currency is the local currency and the United States Dollar. The local currency is solely used to strengthen the economy of the particular country.


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