We are the first registered “Over The Counter” (=OTC) and online multi-cryptocurrency exchange in Suriname.

About Us

We are the first registered “Over The Counter” (=OTC) and online multi-cryptocurrency  exchange in Suriname.

Within this industry we provide fast & reliable services through our platform and our collaborating partners, enabling our clients to buy or sell cryptocurrency from the comfort of their home. With our transparent service, clients can experience financial freedom and ownership, while having the power and control over their own personal digital financial assets. Our mission is to “Share the W.E.A.L.T.H. for a brighter future”, and one way to accomplish this norm is through our all-encompassing slogan, the “ONE for ALL & ALL for ONE” company. So, let us be your portal and guide, to the open and free crypto-currency market, enabling you to partake in the biggest revolution in modern history, where TRUST is materialized for the first time.

The choice for the Blockchain as the main facilitator of our business model was easy, because:

  • It is part of an emerging global market, because of its far-reaching operational efficiencies, which suits a startup company within the fintech industry perfectly.
  • It characterizes the 4th industrial revolution, which is integrated as a blueprint within our organization to help promote a mind-shift, such as fundamentally changing the way we interact with customers and provide our services.
  • It drastically simplifies accounting and digital record-keeping for corporations.
  • It simplifies management strategies of and secures transactions within supply-chains.
  • As an investment and service company, it provides us with the opportunity to efficiently track our logistics, our assets and other data and information.

To be able to describe and understand the benefits of the "Internet of Value” it is important & crucial to integrate Blockchain technology into business models, in order to let the community witness its real-world applications and we understand that!


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